1. Any vendor website registration and submission for the information guide ("guide") BioShow Labware Connect constitutes an unqualified offer to accept a placement in the guide assigned as in provisions hereof. With the confirmation and acceptance of your online registration contract for guide space, this agreement will constitute a contract for guide space for each of the selected guides. This holds true whether the registration application is submitted hand written, digitally online, or via emailed request by the vendor to reserve space.

2. All information guide space will be assigned on a “first-come first-served basis”.

3. BioShow, will make every effort to accommodate requests and special needs but cannot guarantee requests which include, but not limited to location of competitor's information within the guide.

4. BioShow, cannot guarantee the open rate percentage of any given guide. 

5. Guide ad space cannot be shared

6. Cancellation Policy- Vendors shall have the right to cancel at any time by written notice to BioShow. If notice of cancellation is made outside the cancellation window for the guide, the vendor will be charged in full for the advertisement. A copy of each guide's cancellation policy can be found under details on the guide announcement. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this policy.

7. Invoices will be issued in the name of both Company and/or local representative. Invoices will be emailed to the vendor representative that registered or direct billed to company (if directed in writing by the representative). Invoices are due upon registration unless other forms of payment are requested, emailed in writing and accepted by BioShow. All invoices over 90 days will be sent to representative's company for payment. The representative's company will be held responsible for payment. A late fee of $25.00/month will be added to unpaid invoices after 60 days.

8.Vendeors hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless, BioShow Laboratory Exhibits, LLC, their managers, officers, directors, sponsors, employees, agents and successors from any suit, action, or claim, whatsoever arising from rep's content submission and/or advertising participation in the guide.