​Reps, with social distancing likely to continue for some time, now more than ever is the time to consider new ways 
to be present for your customers-- even when you can't be there physically. With retail email open rates averaging 40% higher than they were pre-COVID-19, email is a great channel for you to leverage -- and we've got the network you need. 

Info Guide sample 
Stay safe. Stay connected. 
Stay at the top of your business. 
BioShow is offering three weekly eMarketing  Information Guides targeting your key customers in Longwood, Cambridge and Western MA. These advertising opportunities can help increase your bottom line while building awareness, loyalty and potentially leads to your business.
There are three levels of advertising placements available. See below to see what’s right for you and your company. 
Two premier placements available 
to integrate your value 
proposition, communicate a  
key product advancement or 
highlight a company promotion in a feature article that will generate interest in your business -- and potentially leads.

Placement includes:
-Article headline and Company name,
-Article photo/product illustration,
-Additional photo or logo (optional) 
-Company description, 
-Company Category, 
-Promotions, Offers, Samples
-Products and link to web page, 
-Rep contact information

Note: Left article position appears first in mobile version and is assigned to first rep who signs up.

Up to 12 placement opportunities that promotes quick access information for researchers "at-a-glance".
Placement includes: 
-Company name
-Company description, 
-Company Category, 
-Promotions, Offers, Samples
-Products and link to web page, 
-Rep contact information
$375 - $425/month

Note: Positions 1-4 will be $425/month
Positions 5-8 will be $400/month
Positions 9+ $375/month

Two placements available. 
Small jpeg with link to your 
landing page 

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