BioShow 's  goal is to connect researchers with scientific vendors to help them leverage cutting edge technologies. BioShow organizes scientific laboratory supply and equipment shows to academic research, biotech and pharmaceutical accounts in New England and in the Southeast, as well as offer weekly information resource guides to lab members.

With decades of experience working with vendors and researchers, we are the perfect solution to any organization wanting host or attend a life science exhibit. "Understanding the needs of scientists and researchers provides us with the personal knowledge needed to organize an informative, technical and fun scientific trade show".

BioShow's goal is to bring scientific researchers and scientific vendors together in a place and at a time that is convenient and informative for everyone. "We know  from experience that vendors and scientists must get together in order to learn about the latest developments in scientific products and services". BioShow creates the environment for this to happen without the inconvenience of researchers having to leave work.

If you would like to contact us, please call or email us anytime.

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